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We've been married almost 10 years. since the passing of my husbands mother 4 months ago, he has been angry, avoiding me,etc

by Andrea

He says he wants a separation has made verbal threats about if i don't pay bills that I can get out. sends most of his time away, hides his cell phone, flirts with other women constantly, goes into outbursts of anger and has not been able to ejaculate or keep an erection for the past 3 days. Says he wants to have sex, but then claims he to tired to finish what he started, turns over and goes to sleep. Gets angry when I ask him any questions, saying that I'm harassing him or starting stuff.

Noel's response

It sounds to me as though he is suffering from some unexpressed grief over his mother's death. You don't mention his age, but assuming he is over forty, it could be complicated by a midlife transition.

Perhaps some grief counseling for him would be useful, if he was willing to go. If not, you might find some useful information by researching symptoms of unexpressed grief.

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