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what about adult chat rooms ... and web cam sex ... and 19-yr-old Romanian girls ...

The Question

My husband of 30 years is taking off to Romania to be with the 19-year-old he found on an adult chat room. These were XXX rated and he paid $80 a pop - sometimes he had two going at the same time. In less than a month, he has spent over $2500 on things related to this obsession he's into from early morning till way past midnight... webcams, new larger monitor, sending this "special" girl a debit card. It "energizes" him he says. He "wants to live life." "Wants to experience it all."

Thing is, we started our own business two years ago, poured everything into it and are flat broke. My 58-year-old husband borrowed money from his 87-year-old mother under the guise that it was to help the kids in college and the business. With him leaving, I will have to close down the business. He's leaving me with all the bills. He will sign the house over to me but it's upside down in equity by over $60,000.

I'm sick to my stomach, can't eat or sleep. He's living in a cheap motel (till he leaves) and looked like he was 100 years old when we met up this morning. Looking into his eyes ... he wasn't even there. I felt so sad for him. He's going to be devastated - this kid will take all his money and then abandon him. He just doesn't see it.

I'm practicing the law of attraction, visualizing all the details of how happy we are when he finally comes back. It is the most amazing relationship we have that I am visualizing ... loving, happy, fun, ALIVE ... it makes me so happy. I feel so good. But then I remember reality and crash. Really crash.

I know my husband has lost his mind. Am I losing mine?

Noel's response

I don't know whether you are losing your mind, but if you haven't done so already, I would closely protect any assets you have.

I have heard a number of cases where men were seduced by Eastern European women (they have excellent training from their 'bosses' - read super-pimps) - and they can be taken for everything, and have a great deal of pressure put on them to come up with more.

You might also want to let his mother know what is going on, and talk to her about protecting her savings, as he may well call for more once the young babe takes what he has.

I wish you well.

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