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What does it mean when my boyfriend say that he is in crisis of us when we are still together

by lottie
(Ho Chi Minh)

I live with my boyfriend for more than 4,5 yrs. We used to be happy, fighting but together and nothing happen until just 3 days ago.. His character quiet different with another man.. Don't talk much and very glacial man. He also very busy and stress with his business this time. His business will be running soon in few days.. He is busy like hell this time for preparing for his cruise business. every time i'm at home, i just let him work and I'm in upstairs to learn my book...suddenly i'm feeling his behavior changes.. he is more glacial with me and also ignore me sometimes.. I'm also sometime not happy face with him coz i see his behavior but i don't want to tell him.. suddenly i can't suffer that, i ask him, do you really want me or not and he is quiet and said he is in crisis in us.. I really sad coz it's obvious clearly he wants me to move out.. I understand and ask him, don't lie to me, if you have another girl than tell me, and i'm walk away right away if you feel tired and bored by something than we should think carefully to maintain our relationship as this is 4,5 yrs.. Not just easy to ruin it by this way.. He quiet and said he doesn't know the answer but he needs time.. My heart feeling blooding as I understand he want to kick me out and just don't want to speak out.. Is it correct?

Noel's response:

It sounds as though he is in a midlife transition and does need time to figure things out. But you may be right in thinking he wants to split up and is just afraid to say so. My suggestion is you figure out what YOU want. Perhaps you don't want to stay with him either? What do you want to do with your life with or without him?

If he is glacial now, it is possible that will not change, although it might when he has completed the transition.

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