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What he's going thru now>

With him for three yrs left me suddenly without any warning. Turned to and married a younger woman, now theyre split, occasionally he will call/text, then he'll stop/ignore me again. What is he going thru now, he says things to me like he cares again and then he's gone, totally confused. Whats going on with him?????

Noel's response

It may be a midlife transition, or it may be something else, hard to say. If you and he had some struggles in your relationship, perhaps you need some counselling to clarify things. Otherwise, maybe only time will tell.

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Oct 13, 2013
What he's going thru now
by: NWF

He sounds like he is having a midlife crisis (MLC)and has found out the other woman (OW) is not filling his empty spot. He is turning back to you slowly, this is called "touch-n-goes" which leads to reconnection and/or reconciliation possibly. Be patient and don't push, be the lighthouse and the safe place for him to be. Please go to the website: for info on MLC and how to deal with it. You didn't say how old you both are or if there is a marriage and children yet. Usually a MLC occurs after 10 or more years of marriage and stress and responsibility. It starts with very low-level depression and withdrawal from you--->then it gets worse over a few years and they walk out. If you are very young, younger than 40 thru 50, the situation may be different.

Take care of yourself first!!

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