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what usally happens in cases like mine?

iwas married 16 years , my ex had got caught by her text, he left fo her we divorced and his family has nothing to with nor do our kids and he is very quick to blame me for how thry feel even though they tell him from thier own mouth how they feel and its not pretty and he wiil not talk to me at all and does not even call his kids at all, only court ordered weekend and they will call and tell him they are not going with him, i know this has to hurt him, and i dont think he loves her truly, shes just

there, i think he feels guilt, shame and fear and not happy with himslef at all, what usally happens with him and mistress, which took a man with all this emotional loss, what kind of woman would want with a man so damanged,what can he do for a woman in that state? what does a man in that position usally end up doing?

Noel's response

I am not sure there is a 'usual' case. Some men stay with the woman they had the affair with, some try to reconcile with their families, some end up leaving the other woman, and living on their own.

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