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whats wrong with me

by bruce bonkowski
(westland mich usa)

i am 54 years old been engaged for 9 years love my woman. back in may we had a fight (like the one in may 2011 but both times she hit me enough to bleed. this time i walked out of our apartment. she has a 15 year daughter who calls me dad since she was 6 she tells me how i care for mom when she was sick in 2012. but now i feel weird i. seen her and had dinner (i cook ) she been asking me not to go but right now legally i have too. i feel down and sad when i leave, or chat on the phone so i staying with a friend i feel out of place but now not sure what to do it been a few months i not sure i am not depressed as i been out of work myself in landscaping there is little am i depressed should i go back if so what next . when i lived with her i felt great now not sure cant sleep well lower appetite but not losing weight even though eating healthy any ideas are welcome.

Noel's response

My first suggestion is you see your doctor, as it sounds as though you may be depressed.

You say she doesn't want you to go, but legally you have to, but you don't say why. I can't offer any advice about that, but perhaps some other readers will have some.

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