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When will it end?

I know there is no definite answer but on average how long before my husband returns to a shadow of himself?

Noel's response

You are correct about there being no definite answer. For some men it is a few months, for others (such as myself) it can be several years.

I know this isn't the answer you want, but it is the best I can do!

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Sep 14, 2014
Regrets hon
by: Mikiyah from WI

He may never return to his former/ shadow side of himself as has been my direct experience with my ex. He has gotten FAR worse, not better. He is vain, selfish, controlling, manipulative & an exceptional con artist. I never thought I'd hate him, but I do. :-(
Moreover, he will have to make amends with our Creator, where I have taken him & his BS to the Highest Court. My hope is that he will be resurrected as a female & have to endure the abuse he inflicted on me & too many others (both female & male.)
I wish you heavenly & earthly blessings...

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