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Where's the passion?

by melvin mcdaniel
(perryville, maryland)

I have been going to the gym and into physical fitness for over thirty years. The fitness center was always a second home to me. Being there made me feel alive, vital, strong and confident. If I didn't got the gym four or five days a week, I felt like I cheated myself and would spare no expense to make sure I had my supplements and gear ready the next day, be it weekday or weekend. I have trained and motivated others to get fit and was there in body and spirit, my phone or text, or in person to get them to where I was or at least on the way to a healthier body, mind and spirit. I have seen my friends and loved ones change their lifestyles and tell me that I had been a Godsend and I also kept myself motivated by watching their drive for fat turn into a desire for life and health.

I am 55 now and where is my passion? I no longer feel the need or desire to go work out, look at my fitness materials, or take my supplements any longer. I am moved to tears at night because I no longer what or even look forward to being sweaty, smelly or disgustingly fit as I once would kill anyone if they tried to stop me or tell me I was wasting my time or efforts by keeping fit and looking like I was twenty years younger any more. I no longer want to volunteer or take classes and my once weekly therapy sessions are a thing of the past. My passion for life and to help others, as well as myself, has vanished. I dread waking up and sleeping has become my national pastime. I long for the days when I wanted to have sex and feel the desire to be intimate with my lady. It seems as if life has no longer any use for me and I for it. I never thought I would ever get through a week without the gym or sweat, and now it no longer matters to me. I have seen the men in my family get diabetes, high blood pressure, and blow up in size from either or genes or lifestyle of just unhealthy living. Mostly the latter. I do not want to be "my father" in that respect.

I just want to feel the passion again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noel's response

Hang in there. It is very common for men in their 50s to suddenly lose interest in things they had been passionate about. I went through a five year period in my early fifties where that very thing happened.

Once you are through this transition, and you will get through it, you may find new interests and/or passions.

This too shall pass!

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Where's the passion
by: Anonymous

Hello my friend.My name is john 54 an an ex Jr Mr.canada placing 3rd in 1988 and a 2x Mr, Ontario. I am in the same boat as yourself.Personally at 30yr's I was hurt at work.i was a t5ractor trailor driver and as a result of injury underwent 2 lower back sergurie's and a Hip refurfacing 15yr's later.The hip was from osteoarthritis. I still trained,and make half hearted attemp's to try to regain some of my lost muscle.I also have used anabolis steroid's,as they where legal until 1990 and prescribed by many dr's especially in Torontp,Canada.I no some people are negative towards the juice and think it is dangerious,well if abused many drug's including alcohol can be dangerios.But this is not a reply about steroids.I am also in treatment and have made some not to bad gain's using the Anti-depressant Welbutrin.Welbutrin has a positive side affect for us bodybuilder's and that is (Fat Loss)plus welbutrin doe's not generally cause erectile disfunction like a lot of the s.s.r.i.'s.welburtrin in some causes improves a man's desire,and to me that's a positive,but like you said earlier the desire for sex is diminished,also in my case as well.I think we are blessed to have the ability to have really put a lot into ourselves and with each of us encouraging each other this is how we can act as personal inspiration to each other.Remember we have and still have Muscle memory and with the right amount of positive feedback and moreover,a GOAL???? BRO: a goal of any size will give-us a target to Train for. I enjoyed reading your article.All the best John kelly

Where's the passion?
by: NWF

Dear Melvin, I am sorry that you are experiencing this. Please go to your family doctor and tell him/her this story. I believe that you may be experiencing low-level depression. Your doc will know how to treat this.

Take Care and Hugs to you

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