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Why do men in their mid-life make women their age feel undesireable by wanting younger women?

by leonabanks
(albany, ny)

The Question

Why are men careless about how they make women their own age feel so unattractive and undesirable. Don't men lose their erections with younger women too?

Noel's response

There are many reasons men look for younger women. Sometimes they are looking outside themselves for feminine beauty when their own inner feminine is starting to arise, which often happens at midlife.

Sometimes middle aged women (just like middle aged men) have let themselves go physically to the point where they are unattractive, and a turn-off to their husbands.

Often women in menopause lose all desire to for sex, while their husbands still have a sex drive.

sometimes years of unresolved resentments in a marriage can make sex unappealing and humdrum, and a man fantasizes about having a sexual partner who desires him rather than resenting the fact that he wants sex.

And no, often men don't lose their erections with younger women, at least until the 'honeymoon' stage of the relationship wears off, and the same issues start arising with the 'new woman' that were there with the 'old woman'.

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