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why erection not happening with lover

by soontharee wit

i loved a person who is married and having wife. because his wife loved sombody he was loving me. now erection will come only with his wife, not with me. what is the reason? because he is loving his wife or what?I WANT TO KNOW WHY IT IS HAPPENING LIKE THIS? he had a love marriage with his wife and he is 40 now.

Noel's response

It may be he is not getting an erection with you because he feels guilty about having sex with you when he is married to someone else.

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Oct 09, 2012
ooooh the guilty husband
by: Anonymous

guilt is a wonderful thing and if he is married you should not be having any sort of sexual relationship with him!!! Let him sort out his feelings for his wife and then if and when its over then and only then will it be appropriate for you to even attempt a sexual relationship with him.

i know from experience with my own husband---he had an affair and could not "finish" with the other woman because of guilt, but when he was with me we had no problems at all. Since we have worked on our issues and the other woman is out of the picture and our sex life is better than ever. So then, again my suggestion to you is back off and let him figure out what he wants, you or his WIFE!!!

Oct 08, 2012
why erection not happening with lover
by: NWF

Because you are the other woman (OW) in his life--not his wife. I agree with Noel on this one. Leave him alone--for your own dignity and sanity.

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