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wife going to her girl friends house every sat night;s?

i have no desire to go out with my wife i;m 13 yrs older than her and i'm retired and have a lot of debt , bills to pay and all wife loss her job a yr ago and she goes to visit her friends on sat;s and i sit at home.

but i don;t want her to go out and have fun i think she should be at the house with me 24 7 i go out and shoot guns with my son but i don;t want her out , and she get;s mad at me , we still have sex and all i don;t know what is wrong with me some times i even follow her and my son let;s her know i;m coming by her friends house i feel that i don;t trust her . we have been married 30 yrs i need help i get so mad at her sometime i never hit her but i feel like it sometime , please help me . thank you Mr. Barnes

Noel's response

The only thing I can suggest is that you see a counselor to help you deal with your fear/insecurity/jealousy regarding your wife.

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