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will he ever come home

by patsy

My divorce from my husband of 40 years will be final in a few days. He has reunited with his children and his family somewhat. He is still with the women who is younger than our daughter. They have been seeing each other 5 years, she was having an affair with another man when she met my husband, even though she was still married to a very decent man, their child was 3 years old. They both still hide the relationship even though she has been divorced for 3 years. Her father died when she was 12 years old and several have told me she is looking for a father figure. Funny thing is she looks a lot like I did when I was younger. He is 61 and she is 38, she still hides the relationship from her 9 year old daughter. Our 4 children pretend as if she doesn't exist. I wonder if either of them will ever see the truth.

Noel's response

One of these days they might, whatever their truth is. It is also important for you to know your truth and move forward.

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