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21 year age gap

by Lorraine
(United kingdom)

Hi I'm a 28 year old woman who has been in a relationship with my 49 year old boyfriend for over a year I love him very much and would quite happily marry and spend my life with him , the only problem that keeps cropping up is him worried about our age gap he says he will be holding me back and I will get bored of him when he's really old plus he says he won't be able to satisfy me sexually like he can now, he's very scared about it all how do I reassure him ???he always says I should be with someone my own age but couldn't bear to see me with someone else, I don't want anyone else just him .

Noel's response

His fears are well-founded, although I do know happy several couples with an age gap of twenty years. He is about to enter a period (fifty and beyond) where is sex drive is likely to diminish significantly, and he may begin to experience more health problems.

Being with you, on the other hand, may help 'keep him young'.

As you appear willing to face whatever problems arise, the biggest issue is his fear, which can have a long-term dampening effect on your relationship. If he can get over that (I assume there is no gilted wife in the background?), you may well have many happy years together.

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