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24 year old man afraid he is aging too fast

by mika

I am a 24 years old, aging too fast to get bald and look older and mature than my actual age. This is actually taking a toll on my confidence level and even affecting my relationship with my fiancee. What should I do I feel very helpless?

Noel's response

See a counselor to help you accept the situation as it is, rather than the way you want it to be.
There is nothing wrong with aging. It is your reaction to it that causes problems.
Read Loving What Is by Byron Katie.

Develop yourself as a human being, then what you look like won't matter so much to you!

Comments for 24 year old man afraid he is aging too fast

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Feb 12, 2012
Thanks Noel
by: Anonymous

Dear Noel ,

I am so thankful to you for replying.
At least I am glad that I have some importance in a way that people are responding to me.
Yes I will take your advice into consideration and really look forward for coming out of this situation.
Once again thank you so much.



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