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63 yr old becoming friends with 20-25 yr. olds

Why does a 63 yr. old become friends with a 20-25 yr.olds, (men and women)? This person is drinking/partying with them. Does he want sex from them, or does he want to feel younger? He's buying their drinks, trips, etc. good fun times. Is he in midlife crisis. He recently left a long standing relationship that there was no sex for 3 years. Is he looking for a boost to his ego? He's turned a deaf ear to the person he was in the relationship with too. Do they settle for just friendship?


Noel's response

He may be in a midlife transition. Perhaps he is worried about getting older. He may also have led a quiet life and want some fun before he gets 'too old'.
If the relationship he left did not include sex, perhaps it was not satisfying to him.

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Jan 17, 2013
63 year old becoming friends w/20-25 yo
by: NWF

Hello, I'm guessing you are his GF but,nonetheles,you are here for help so I will try to help you. This sitch sounds all to familiar to those who have been and are going thru this with their H's or W's. The no sex part has to do with them thinking that their unhappiness is your fault so they put you on secret trial in their heads with no lawyer for you or judge--guess what---you lose the trail. They need to look inside of themselves for the answer but it takes a very very long time for this to happen...if at all.

Nothing may work until they see that their unhappiness is within themselves and deal with it Please know that this is not your fault or is happening to them. They get tired of accommodating everyone else and break loose and become very self-centered and look for another partner to cure their ills. They other person (OP or OW or OM) is only a band aid for their emotional confusion but in the mean time they tend to distroy their lives...and yours and the families and the finances. Protect your finances with your own checking account if need be. They will lie to everyone, including themselves. Be very weary of what they say, really. He may be getting ready to leave due to Replay. Most of it comes from internal depression; men are way different than woman when depressed. Read about male depression on Noel's site also.

Hugs for you and find a faithful friend to hold on to. NWF

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