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A Harley Or My Wife? - A Guide for Midlife Men, and the Women Who Love Them

This book isn't about motorcycles. It is about the quandary a man often finds himself in at midlife, where it looks tempting to buy a Harley and hit the road…

Maybe you have reached some or all of your goals, and instead of feeling great, you feel EMPTY. Maybe you don't know what your life is about any more.

Time seems to be going faster and all of a sudden you get your first glimpse of the end, and you HAVEN'T DONE what you came to do, whatever THAT was.

Your job is not so fulfilling any more, and you don't know what would fire your passion.

It is as though life has turned kind of GREY, and the juice is gone. 

This book is a treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge coupled with practical insights for men caught in the stormy sea of mid-life transitions and for wives who are desperate to understand what is going on with their men. Full of real information, real solutions, and real wisdom, this book guides both men and women through the turbulent mid-life waters." - John Gray, author of 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'

"If you're a mid-life man or a mid-life woman, this is the book for you. This is a comprehensive, transformative book that is easy to read, but will give you tools to insure that you live long and well. Mid-life for many can be the pits. But it doesn't have to be that way. Noel gives us everything we need to improve our health, our wealth, and our lives. I loved it. Let me be really clear: You need to buy this book, read it from cover to cover, and do what it says. Then buy copies for all those you care about."

Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author of Mr. Mean: Saving Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome and Surviving Male Menopause.

Maybe you have had a FINANCIAL SETBACK, lost a job, or your MARRIAGE IS ENDING. Maybe you are ending it, because you still love your wife, but you are not 'in love with her' any more, and you don't know what else to do.

You are in a MIDLIFE TRANSITION. You are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. It is, however, a tricky time and it is easy to make mistakes that you will regret later. This book will guide you on your midlife journey. 

I have had MANY emails from women wondering what is happening to their men. They tell me their husbands were loving and kind and happy for twenty (or maybe thirty) years and they have suddenly become sullen, uncommunicative, and angry. Many of the women who write say their husbands have left, they don't know why, and they wonder how to get them back.

"Having been in the business world for more 30 years as an investment banker, sports agent, business owner of four manufacturing firms and having served on 27 boards of directors, I have watched men grow, develop and hit that mid-life crisis. I have seen how the crisis years have taken a toll on men professionally and personally. In this book, Noel has not only identified the mid-life challenges but provides the solutions to become resilient in this ever-changing world. This really is a must read for every man nearing mid-life and the women who love them!"

- Joe Sweeney, New York Times Best-Selling author of Networking Is A Contact Sport.

"Let's face it, most men have heard about the crazy stories of buying a Harley, getting a divorce, changing careers and even their appearance. I am glad we now have an owner's manual so that men can more easily navigate through the challenging changes that are inevitable. This guide is a great way for men, like myself, to be prepared when approaching that midlife point. A great book filled with realistic solutions!"

- Scott Rewick Founder & Executive of software firms that generated more than $100 million in revenues, Author & International Speaker.

The many men who write me are struggling with change in their lives. They ask questions such as:

  • Why don't I care about what I used to be passionate about?
  • Where is the meaning in my life?
  • Why do I feel so down, when everything looks like it should be up?
  • What's happening with my marriage?
  • Why don't I get turned on with my wife anymore?
  • Why doesn't my wife want to be with me?
  • What does my wife want from me?
  • Where did all my energy go?
  • Why can't I concentrate any more?
  • Why do I feel more emotional about everything?
  • Why do I get angry so quickly these days?
  • Where did this lethargy come from?

I don't know about you, but I discovered useful books for men in midlife were hard to find. In fact this is the book I wished I could have read when I was going through the challenges of my midlife years! It looks at every aspect of life in our middle years, from our mental attitudes, to physical health, to the spiritual aspects of getting older, to the reason why we sometimes get obsessed with the idea of being with a younger woman (hint: it's not really about the younger woman). 

As you know if you have read much of this website, I went through a couple of midlife transitions:

  • One, in my early forties, saw BIG changes, and all of them felt good.
  • The next, in my early fifties, saw what looked like much smaller changes (I didn't split up with my wife, or quit a job) but which felt MUCH bigger and more challenging.

Along with my personal experience, as well as having coached men in midlife transitions, and staffing New Warrior Adventure Trainings for men through The ManKind Project, I have done a LOT of research into all aspects of midlife changes in men, and I quote many experts throughout the pages of this book.


"A book and author that allowed me to realize I was in a bad state of mid-life crisis. It made me ask the question of how could anybody write a book about me and for me on such a sensitive matter? The book gave me some lifelines to hold onto. It's a tough ride."

Greg H., Alberta, Canada


Whether you are a MAN struggling through a midlife transition (which might even feel like a crisis) or a WOMAN trying to understand what is happening to your man, I believe you will find something useful on every one of its 228 pages.


If for any reason you feel "A Harley Or My Wife" does not deliver everything that you want and expect, simply tell me you want your money back within 60 days. I will refund you immediately, no questions asked.

That is more than a guarantee, it is my personal promise.



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