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Holiday ideas for midlife men

Experiencing a midlife crisis can make you feel more than a little lost - lost in terms of your career path, lost in terms of relationships, or experiencing the feeling that something is missing in your life.

A great way to clear your head and see things from a fresh perspective is to take a break.

The right holiday can leave you re-energized, more optimistic, and can open your mind up to new ideas and experiences that you can build on when you get back home.

Midlife crises affect all of us in different ways, so for some a relaxing getaway is all that's needed, while others might be looking for something new, something far more exciting that will get the adrenalin going.

We've compiled a list of some of the best holiday options for midlife men that will suit a range of tastes.

Hit the open road

Middle age tends to bring out feelings of nostalgia, the contemplation of plans made and then broken, perhaps feelings of regret about opportunities missed.

So your midlife crisis can be a great time to fulfil some of your teenage dreams.

Road trips are a favourite, as hitting the open road, exploring a place you've always wanted to visit in a car you've always wanted to own can fulfil several dreams at once.

The destination is up to you, but Route 66 is a classic choice, or a European tour can be equally as fascinating. The great thing about a road trip is that you can travel alone or travel with friends.

Taking some of your good pals along will make the trip more fun, and you can share out the driving duties too.

Check out Complete North America who specialize in organizing Route 66 trips, complete with vintage or regular car hire, motel and itinerary details.


Why not combine your efforts to find yourself on holiday with the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Volunteering holidays are available in a wide range of destinations, providing a welcome break from the stresses and strains of life back home while giving you a real sense of rewarding achievement.

Volunteering trips are truly life changing experiences, offering the chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and put your midlife crisis into real perspective when confronted with the experiences of those less fortunate.

Gap Year for Grown Ups is a great site to visit for more information.

They offer a wide variety of volunteering packages to a range of worldwide destinations. They'll arrange the whole trip for you, including meals, accommodation, transfers and flights.

Safari in Africa

Getting back to nature can be a profoundly moving experience, and seeing nature at her most wild and powerful can certainly help us to re-evaluate our place on this earth.

If a fresh perspective is what you're looking for, taking a trip to Mother Africa, the birthplace of mankind, is an experience you will never forget.

There are a range of safaris available.

For those looking for a rough-and-ready break, In The Saddle run eight-day horse riding safaris where you can camp out under the stars in amongst the lions, meerkats, buffalo and elephants of the Moremi Reserve.

Those seeking a little more comfort can opt for one of the many driving safaris available where you can observe the breathtaking scenery and wildlife from the comfort and security of a 4x4.

Experience days

If you fancy trying your hand at something new, want to experience a new and exciting challenge, or simply want a relaxing and pampering weekend away, then experience days are a great option.

The Express Gifts website offers a wide range of Virgin Experience Day packages, and there's something to suit all tastes and price ranges.

From piloting a plane, to racing a supercar, skydiving to sailing, health spa breaks to cookery courses, they provide the perfect opportunity to try out something you've always wanted to do.

Just check out their website for more information on personalised gifts.