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What will you be like at your 50th reunion?
December 15, 2005

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #048, December 15, 2005

=========== TABLE OF CONTENTS ==========

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #048, December 15, 2005

=========== TABLE OF CONTENTS ==========

The 50th Reunion Tells the Tale

What Works for the Ol' Prostate?

A Last Minute Shopping Idea For The Young Kids In Your Life

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Written by Noel McNaughton (c) copyright 2005


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Welcome to this issue of Midlife Wisdom for Men.

This is a short newsletter. I figure it's the Christmas season, and everybody is too busy to read much anyway. Besides, I have dental Surgery tomorrow (December 15), so I am quickly getting this done on Wednesday because I know I won't have any energy when I wake up after the surgery tomorrow! When you get this, I will probably be napping on my couch.

Hope you enjoy this issue, and I wish you all the best in this festive season.



Letters from Readers

RE: Omega-3

Hi Noel,
here's another tip ... get whole golden flax seed (preferably organic) and grind it in your coffee grinder ...and sprinkle on yogurt ... we take 2 Tbsp a day, along with a special blend of Udo's oils (called EFA's -- you can only get them from a professional nutritionist, but there is also a store-available quality as well) along with a special blend or wholefoods called Phase 3 (the store version is Udo's Whole fast foods) ... a mixture of this on yogurt in the morning, with fresh fruit, is a great breakfast. Sherrill Miller

Re: saw palmetto

Good read, again. Thank you.

I was wondering if you have done or seen any research on side effects of saw palmetto a herb prescribed by some natural therapists as a preventative for prostate cancer. I have been taking it for some time now, along with some selenium. I would reckon I have seen two effects: one is considerably increased continence, not that I was ever incontinent! In fact, I have always been able to go the full night without a leak.

The other is, by repute, a firmer erection! I was wondering what you might have seen about that? It might make a good story in a future issue, but I'd appreciate if my name was not attached to it, please! Keep well Regards (anonymous)

Ed. note: I tried saw palmetto for few months a couple of years ago, but did not notice any change. Maybe I didn't take it long enough. Last time I visited my Dad, he said he was taking it. Don't know what difference it has made for him.

The peer-reviewed journal American Family Physician has this to say: Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of saw palmetto in reducing symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Saw palmetto appears to have efficacy similar to that of medications like finasteride, but it is better tolerated and less expensive. (emphasis mine) There are no known drug interactions with saw palmetto, and reported side effects are minor and rare. No data on its long-term usage are available.

I have been using Ezee Flow Prostate Tea for the past month or so (see article below.) So far have noticed a bit easier flowing in the leak department. No comments on strength of erection yet! Will keep you posted.

The 50th Reunion Tells the Tale

My friend Don went to his graduating class's 50th reunion a few months ago, and found a big variation in his class mates:

These folks were in their early seventies. Some looked old and worn out - much older than their years. Others looked younger.

Some were boring...

"How ya doing?"
"Oh, you know, the usual complaints"
and had nothing of interest in their lives, or simply talked about their fifth wheel, or motor home, and complained about the price of gas. Or talked about their winters in Arizona.

But some were vitally interested in life, had not retired, or had semi-retired, and were still actively engaged in life. Don says these people also looked younger, and had more 'life juice' in their eyes.

The difference: the active ones' secret seemed to be having things to engage them, and taking care of their health through diet and exercise. These things seemed to go together.

If you are not in your seventies yet, there is still time before you get to your 50th reunion. If you haven't already, develop some interests that give meaning to your life. Volunteering can be good, as can continuing to work for money at things that make you feel you are making a contribution. Develop some hobbies. Get into a regular exercise routine. Explore the meaning of your life, and pay attention to your spiritual development.

Your life will be more interesting to you, and your classmates at your 50th will find you positively scintillating.


What do you call Santa's helpers? Subordinate Clauses.


Prostate Tea

Most men over fifty have an enlarged prostate. But here is an interesting thing... enlarged prostates seem to be unique to the industrialized world.

Just What Is the Prostate?

Imagine a skin bag (maybe something like a wine skin) sitting inside your abdomen, with a tube running out the bottom. The bag is your bladder. Now picture the tube running through a little walnut sized ring just below the bag. That's your prostate. The tube, called the urethra, runs from the bladder through the prostate and out the pe*nis.

Urine collects in your bladder until it gets full, and you get the urge to pee. As your prostate swells when you get older, the urge to pee comes more often, and feels more urgent. There are two reasons for this.

* Your prostate is enlarged, and it squeezes the tube (urethra), so the pee cannot drain as easily, and the bladder does not empty as completely as it used to * The muscles that squeeze your bladder when you pee are not as strong as they used to be, so don't empty the bladder as completely as when you were younger.

With the swollen prostate squeezing down on the urinary tube you have to strain a bit to start the stream, and even then the stream is weak. You may find you start and stop a lot while you are peeing, and you might dribble before and after, especially first thing in the morning. You have to pee more often too, again because your bladder is not totally emptying, so you have to get up several times during the night. You could experience some incontinence (wetting yourself) as well.

It also affects the strength of your erections.

All in all, it's not much fun.

There are treatments for it, but many of the medications are not very effective and have some unpleasant side effects, including impotence. We talked about Saw Palmetto above, and here is another one.

Prostate Ezee Flow Tea

I have seen Prostate Ezee Flow Tea advertised in 50 Plus magazine , and it sounded pretty good. I finally talked to somebody who had tried it, and they said it worked REALLY well. I checked out their website and they sure have a lot of testimonials, including names and addresses, so I thought I would give it a try.

I have used it for about six weeks now, and I think I am starting to feel a difference. I have slept through the night a couple of times in the past week, which is unusual for me, and I seem to have a bit stronger urination flow too.

It is available in many health food stores, and you can look for one near you on their website. If there are none, you can order online through their site.


Why are there so many Smiths in the phone book?
They all have phones.


A Last Minute Shopping Idea For The Young Kids In Your Life

I got a message from my friend Kenneth Kerr the other day, and thought I would pass it on to you...

Hi Noel,
Well, after seven months of solid work, we launched our new company this afternoon. We're going to positively impact the lives of children everywhere, so I'd like to invite you to visit our website, and if you like what you see and hear (turn up your speakers) to consider the possibility of sharing it with others. Take a look..
Merry Christmas,

If you have little kids in your life, you might want to check this out. Could make a dandy Christmas gift.

If you do like what you see, and decide to buy a membership for a wee tyke, please use my code number: CAN0001. That way Kenneth will know you came through me, and he has offered to give me a bit of a commission, which I appreciate.


Did you hear about the dyslexic Satanist? He sold his soul to Santa


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I have received the odd email from readers of this newsletter suggesting there should be fee for the subscription. I am reluctant to do that, as I believe in passing on some of what I have learned going through my own midlife journey, and I don't want to charge for it.

Just the same, I have put quite a bit of work into building and maintaining the site and writing this newsletter, and it's great fun to do it. I hope you find it useful. Of course infrastructure has a cost too, and I've got to live on something!

Therefore I decided to make all the information free and let you decide whether and how much it is worth to you.

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All the best, Noel

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