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Is This All There Is?
September 15, 2007

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #090, September 15, 2007

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· Letters From Readers

· Book Review: Your Body's Many Cries For Water

· Do You Want To Lose A Little Weight?


Written by Noel McNaughton
(c) copyright 2007


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Welcome to this issue of Midlife Wisdom for Men.

I have featured a couple of emails I got after the last newsletter, with my response to one of them. I thought you might find them useful.

I have often heard we should drink eight glasses of water per day. I don't usually drink that many, but I manage at least six on a fairly regular basis. I know many people who drink a lot of coffee, or several cans of soda pop per day, but not much water. The book review below will tell you why more water is better.

I know weight gain is a problem for many people at midlife. About a year ago I tried a herbal weight loss pill that helped me lose seven pounds in less than a month. More details below.

There are about 1430 words in the articles in this newsletter, which should take you about four minutes to read.




Letters From Readers

Hi Noel:
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your email's and look foward to them. I am just turning 59 and it seems that I have more questions and concerns than ever before. I think I am realizing that my body is not superman anymore. I own a business but it seems that money issues will always exist until I sell and retire.

Here's the question: Why should I even worry about money or plan for retirement? I am in a rut both mentally, physically and in my business (even though its debt free). Its like the question "is this all there is", keeps popping up in my head. So how did you get over all this? Let me know what you think. Thanks, Joe - New Mexico

Here is my reply. I thought you might find it useful as well:

Hi Joe,

While I was going through 'the underworld', as it sounds as though you are, I kept in mind that "this too shall pass". Nothing in life lasts forever, or in my experience, for long - good or bad.

You are in a rut right now, but I guarantee it will end sometime, although when is unknown. In my case, the 'night sea journey', as I came to call it, lasted for five years, and it took another two or three years after it started to change for me to fully emerge. During the time I was floundering around, Elizabeth was in her own transition, and about all we could do is carry on as best we could, and trust things would change. We were struggling financially at the time, as I tried many business ventures, but could not get anything to work. We just 'kept on keeping on', and gradually things changed.

We are now financially sound, and I am 'between engagements', as they say. During the past year or so I have become more aware than ever of my age (I am 61), and it is not clear to me what my next 'passion' will be. For the moment I am very busy just with managing some of our assets, changing my website, looking after our farm in the summer, and trying to keep up on learning new things.

I don't have the same interest in 'helping change the world' the way I used to, but am confident some new passion will emerge in time. If it doesn't, I trust that I will become content with whatever I am doing.

As for the question "is this all there is?" continuing to pop up, the only thing I can suggest is that you be with the question. Ponder what is might mean to you, and perhaps ask yourself what hopes and dreams you left behind many years ago that you might be able to rekindled from the place/age you are now.

Also, if you do not have any regular spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, going to church or some other spiritual group, reading spiritual literature or listening to cassettes, CDs, etc., I suggest you give it a try. I believe the stage of life you and I are both moving into is particularly calling us to go on the inward journey.

I also recommend The Mankind Project (, starting with the New Warriors Training Adventure, and then carrying on with some of the other personal growth workshops, as well as the Elders Gatherings, as you are now at the age where you can become an Elder, or, if you skip the inner journey, simply become elderly.

You might also check out in case there is something there that speaks to you.

All the best,



Hi Noel:
I enjoy reading your articles - keep them coming.

Regarding the use of meditation for pain, (from the book review of "Full Catastrophe Living" in the last issue - ed.), I too will do transcendental meditation if any kind of pain is affecting me, be it physical, emotional, etc.

However, about seven years ago I found a pain solution for pain that is left over from overuse and sports injuries. As a runner of 35 years my knees would ache every night as I tried to sleep. We were having our kitchen floor replaced and installer was a man of about 70 years of age. I asked him how he could keep bouncing up and down off his knees after all these years. He said he had retired from installing floors because his knees would not take the abuse but he was told about MSM and started taking it to address his arthritic-like pain. He found this health food store item to be a life saver and he was able to continue putting in people's floors without any pain.

MSM stands for methysolfonylmethane. It's a mouthful but I can tell you that it's kept me pain-free for the past seven years. I did a lot of research on this product before using it and found there to be no harmful side effects. I've told many about MSM and everybody has come back with appreciation for having learned about it. Your newsletter might be a great place to spread the word. Stay well, Don - Edmonton, Alberta


I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among those in the second half of life, that is to say over thirty-five, there has not been one whose problem, in the last resort, was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. - Carl Jung


Book Review: You Body's Many Cries For Water

by F Batmanghelidj.

This book has been recommended to me by a few friends during the past several months, and I finally got around to checking it out of the library.

Interesting book!

F Batmanghelidj, a medical doctor trained at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School of London Univesity, has spent most of his career researching the cause and cure of different pains in the human body. His research has brought him to the conclusion that water, the solvent that carries all the nutrients, hormones, and every other body chemical through our systems, is itself the greatest 'medicine' of all.

Here is a portion of a book review from

(Dr. Batmanghelidj) has found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes in the elderly.

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the body possesses many different thirst signals. A dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of your body's water needs. He describes a variety of more reliable ones, and helps you learn to understand when your body is calling for water. In this way, he claims you can prevent, treat, and cure a variety of conditions of ill health, at no cost, with what he calls nature's miracle medicine: Water. The author explains how much water one needs to drink a day to stay healthy, and why tea, coffee, and sodas are not good substitutes for water.

He even explains why drinking diet sodas can make you gain weight.

I did a tiny bit of 'research' on his theory myself. He says heartburn, and even ulcers, are caused by dehydration, and can be treated with water.

I get heartburn fairly easily if I eat too much of the wrong food (e.g. rich desserts). I had heartburn the other day, and rather than take tums, I drank a couple of tumblers of water. Presto - the heartburn disappeared.

If you want some interesting information that could save you a lot of money (water is cheaper than any drug), I recommend this book.


A sports reporter asked: "Have you ever thought of writing your autobiography?" A footballer responded: "On what?" =========================================

Want To Lose A Little Weight?

About a year ago I was a few pounds heavier than I wanted to be, and it didn't seem to want to come of easily! (Ever since I hit forty, that seems to be the case.)

A friend told me about Skinnees, and I decided to give them a try.

Skinees is a herbal compilation in capsule form. You can read more about them here: Skinnees.

At any rate, I took six capsules a day for about three weeks, and lost seven pounds. That was all I wanted to lose, so I quit taking them. I have not gained the weight back, and it has been almost a year.

Skinnees is sold by Our World Network, which markets their products through network marketing. I was impressed with the product, so joined their company. Visit the website for more information:


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The ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure® is an intense, transformative men's initiation which invites men to forge a deep conscious connection between head and heart. The NWTA offers men a powerful, challenging opportunity to look at all aspects of their lives in a richly supportive environment.


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Well friend, that's it for now. Again, if you enjoyed this and/or found it useful, and know of anyone else who might like it, please pass it forward. And if you have questions or recommendations, I would love to hear from you.

All the best, Noel

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