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Two Special Announcements
April 17, 2011

Midlife Wisdom For Men Issue #120, April 17, 2011

Written by Noel McNaughton
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This Is A Special Short Issue Of The Men's Wisdom Newsletter with a couple of announcements I think you might want to know about.

First Announcement - My (fairly) new book: A Harley Or My Wife? - A guide for midlife men (and the women who love them) A Harley Or My Wife

This book isn't about motorcycles. It is about the quandary a man often finds himself in at midlife, where it looks tempting to buy a Harley and hit the road…

Maybe you have reached some or all of your goals, and instead of feeling great, you feel EMPTY. Maybe you don't know what your life is about any more.

Time seems to be going faster and all of a sudden you get your first glimpse of the end, and you HAVEN'T DONE what you came to do, whatever THAT was.

Your job is not so fulfilling any more, and you don't know what would fire your passion.

It is as though life has turned kind of GREY, and the juice is gone.

I published this book last November and have been meaning to send you a note about it, so finally, here it is.

There is also an ebook version for those who live outside North America.


Second Announcement - A special workshop for men over 50: The Elder and the Grail in Minnesota, USA, June 9-12, 2011 The Elder and the Grail Workshop

We live in paradoxical times where mature men find themselves condemned to decline and dismissal at the very moment they begin to feel capable of a more meaningful engagement with life.

These years are important for a man.

In traditional hunter-gatherer societies, a man may feel the call and choose to go on the path of becoming and elder sometime after his 50th year. I began to feel the pull around age 50, but didn't really begin to act on it until I was nearly 60 (I am 65 now).

For the past five years, I have been attending World Elder Gatherings of the ManKind Project, and have found it immensely rewarding to be with a large group of men who are looking at this stage of life and asking 'what are our life tasks now?', 'what gifts do we have to offer?', and even simple things such as 'what the heck IS an Elder?'.

The Myth of the Grail traces a journey into the deepest parts of the male soul.

The young Parzival strives for fame and fortune, but finds himself in the Waste Land. We follow him through hardship and a hardening of the heart to a vital re-awakening.

This archetypal story reveals the Elder as a vital initiator, mentor and wise advisor who keeps the flame of the masculine spirit alive. He waits on the path to awaken others to a more mature consciousness and a more fulfilling future.

By personally experiencing this Initiatory Myth, you will uncover the hidden paradox of your own aging and discover the passage to a spirited elderhood.

MYTHODRAMA is a new form of experiential learning which draws on the power of theatre and story, the riches of poetry, and the symbolism of deep ritual.

The Elder is a man who has made the journey of discovery into his own life. He has identified not only his strengths and weaknesses, but he has also dipped into the deeper well of wisdom that is only available to the man willing to do what is necessary to discover the well!

Because an Elder has made his own journey, he is able to help others on their paths of discovery.

He is the man others come to when they are seeking answers on their own life journeys.

I have organized this workshop, and invited a couple of powerful facilitators from England to come and facilitate it. I am really looking forward to it, and thought you might want to know about it too.

The Elder and the Grail Workshop


Got comments? Questions? I'd love to hear from you.

Just email your suggestions and/or questions to . I look forward to hearing from you. And thanks.

All the best, Noel

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