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Noel McNaughton - Revealing Possibilities and Igniting Life...

Noel McNaughton

When your audience wants the best, trust Noel McNaughton to give them an entertaining, thoughtful, and immediately useful presentation on one of these vital topics...


This dynamic program will show your audience how to create a new dream that will lead them into a fuller, more rewarding life. Geared toward couples in midlife (35 - 70 years old, which both Canadian and American statistics say is about 85 percent of all couples in agriculture), Noel uses entertaining and moving stories, as well as specific, immediately-useful strategies to reveal:

  • The normal thoughts and feelings that go through the average midlife person's mind (this is a great relief to folks who thought they were the only 'weird' ones)
  • how to talk to each other to discover what is most important to them in life (It's surprising how many folks don't know this)
  • how to make an achievable plan for the future (yes, even in a tough economy)
  • The three keys to planning for retirement, including what to do with the farm or ranch

Your people will feel more energized and optimistic than they have in years.


"When have you ever heard a speaker immediately turn on all the sensors in your mind? Noel has a contagious passion for life that is shared individually with the entire audience. His talks give people the motivation and knowledge they need to make real changes in their lives. Every person feels he is talking just to them as an individual. What a gift!"

Wayne Berry, Agriculture Extension, North Dakota State Universi



Unforeseen events, such as drought, hail, or a sudden drop in prices can make us lose our bearings. Our heightened anxiety dries up our creativity so we can't think of other options, and our pumped-up adrenaline wears us out. In this presentation, Noel will give your audience five keys to charting their way out of a crisis, and into, not only better work circumstances, but fuller, more meaningful lives. Guaranteed!Benefits for the audience:

  • Feel hope in trying times
  • The planning process is effective and easy to understand
  • Have more financial success and higher quality of life, no matter what your current circumstances
  • Have more love and friendship in your life
  • Get clear about where you want to go, and know there is a way to get there.
  • Feel more in control of your life.


Hi Noel,

We received very good feedback from your presentation. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. You provided just the right amount of humour in with the serious message that you were delivering. And most of our farmers are in a state of change so they could all relate to the content. We will certainly recommend you to other groups. 

Donna Langille, Operations Manager, Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

"As an administrator of Farm Management Training Programs I have also worked with Noel for over 4 years. I have always been impressed by the passion and commitment he has for caring for the environment and generally helping people become all they can be. Of all the programs I have worked with and supported in the agriculture field, Noel's rates at the top as far as having a positive impact on people's lives and the agriculture industry."

Anita Lunden, Provincial Coordinator, Canada/Alberta Farm Business Management Program



This presentation is tailored specifically to women's conferences and other gatherings of women, who are silently, or not so silently, wondering what to do with their midlife man. Noel explains what a man is really feeling, and gives a few 'insider' strategies for surviving a midlife-man's 'male mental pause':

  • How to recognize the symptoms of a midlife transition
  • What a man is struggling with at midlife
  • What to do to preserve your own sanity
  • And lots of other stuff that men rarely tell the women they loveā€¦


"Noel McNaughton has fine tuned the art of public speaking and can be counted on to tell a great story with a timely message. As a facilitator, Noel McNaughton has a proven track record. He skillfully introduces leading edge themes and information in an easily understandable and practical format. Class participants are well prepared to meet new challenges."

Lee Pengilly, farmer, rural leader, past president of the Alberta Farm Women's Network



To be truly successful long-term, farm and ranch families must pay attention to their quality of life, the health of their resource base, and the blackness of their bottom line. In that order!

In this presentation Noel, a Certified Educator with the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management will reveal the simple but revolutionary principles of Holistic ManagementĀ® that he, with the help of his team of facilitators, taught hundreds of farm and ranch families. These principles give a family the tools to make sure every decision is socially, environmentally and financially sound. 

Special note: In a follow-up survey conducted in spring, 2003 to determine what lasting effect Holistic Management had for the families that took Noel's training program during the 1990s:

  • 95% of respondents agreed that the changes they made to their operation made them money.
  • 98% of respondents made management changes that improved the ecosystem of their farm.
  • 80% had written goals for their farms
  • 79% said they communicate more clearly with each other
  • 91% said they "are more likely to solve problems with 'out-of-the box thinking'".
  • At the end of each training program, Noel helped the training group establish a Management Club. After a number of years (up to 12 years in some cases), more than a quarter of the respondents still meet in a management club that originated with Holistic Management.


"Noel McNaughton delivered a keynote presentation to our staff on the future of prairie agriculture. Noel researches his topics well and gives the impression that he truly cares about the subject matter. He also goes to great lengths to understand his client's needs. As a result, his presentation was both stimulating and highly releveant to our group. In addition, Noel's anecdotal speaking style appeals to a diverse audience. He succeeds in delivering his message in an entertaining way, while at the same time leaving the group with valuable food for thought."

Julie Kennett, Rural Development Officer, PFRA South Alberta Region


"Noel McNaughton has the unique ability to take a complex concept and make it easy to understand and fun. He can relate to a wide range of audiences covering professional and cultural diversity."

Wayne Madson, Institute for Extended Learning, Washington State University


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