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A male spiritual journey....

by Stephen

Last summer I spent a powerful few days at a men's 'rites of passage' event in Scotland. This was quietly recommended to me by a friend-of-a-friend, and I was immediately drawn to the talk of drumming, fire and wilderness; and of male rites that would push me out of my comfort zone and into closer contact with the real man hidden inside me.

In today's western culture where do we get the teaching and encouragement in what it means to be a man....from our emotionally-absent fathers? from lager-swilling macho pub culture? from 'metrosexual' hair-gel adverts? from a philosophy of getting more money, sex and power?
Where can we learn that a man is strong, compassionate, kind, creative, authentic, honourable, protective, brave and loving?
The event was a real 'initiation' for me and has been the start of an invaluable journey.
There is more on this year's event at (13th-17th June 2012)

Noel's response

This sounds like very good training. I believe the world desperately needs mature men, who have a clear sense of who they are as men.

Another excellent training for men is the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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The media
by: Anonymous

Where do we get our ideas from regarding midlife and everything else? I believe we are strongly influenced by the media. Look at most of the ads you see on television and online. I noticed recently everyone in a Macy's advertisement was under 30 years old. We see all of these products out there to color our hair, enhance sexual performance, get rid of wrinkles. Aging is a normal thing. Because we age, doesn't mean we are dead. I read an article recently on Oprah's website about aging and beauty secrets and was disgusted to find the beauty "secrets" these older women shared mostly revolved around plastic surgery! Aging is a normal part of life yet this culture doesn't even embrace it. It is a shame.

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