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About my Dad

by Gbenga
(Lagos. Nigeria)

Its my Dad actually...well, we live in a tough economy, growing up wasn't all silver spoony, but we were comfortable. Fortunately, me and my brothers have been able to scale through college, but somewhere between now and a few years back, things got pretty bumpy for my dad and i guess he went over his head and let go of a private business he set up with his friend, with nothing to fall back to.

Now, he's just a shadow of himself, with bogus dreams, that i fear are only imaginable, my mum is a public school teacher and she tends to shoulder most of the family responsibilities now.
I see a man who used to be my hero,growing up, being so fearful to face the world now, and it scares and depresses me to the point, i can only pray for him.(tried to summarise as much as possible...sigh)

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