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My Husband has left me for another married women and her from her spouse. She is out of town now and my husband wants to see me and be with me during that time. He is 47 yrs old and over all this he is so different. Advice please.

Noel's response

It sounds as though your husband just wants someone to have sex with while his current lover is away.

Go ahead if you want to be used that way, but if not, I suggest the answer is 'no'.

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Aug 23, 2011
Selfish reasons
by: Anonymous

Well, I did and did it for selfish reasons but learned a lot from it.

He is messed up and unsure what he needs or wants out of life... 2 totally different women. I did get the chance to remind him what a lucky man he was and I would not continue w/o any feeling to it.

Today she returns and today I stop calling and texting him. He don't know that but I have to see where we really stands. I'm moving out of our house Labor day weekend... going to be the hardest thing to do but I'm hoping it will show me I am stronger than ever.

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