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After 30 years of Marriage, Husband Leaves wife for 10 year Younger Woman

by r

Do husbands ever regret or have remorse leaving their 1st wife and realize they have made a mistake? Do they really ever find happiness?

Noel's response

This might sound a bit flippant, but it is not intended to be: some men find happiness, and others do not. Some realize they made a mistake and others are happy with their choice.

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Jun 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

I commented on this in July 2015,I am in my second year of nursing, I am doing really well as I have no stress, Ex husband still in a financial mess. He sees his children when he wants to. The children are doing well in school. I have no financial stress even though I don't receive anything from this man. I have a man who adores me. We are taking it slow so that I can focus on my studies and children. He supports me in every way.

May 27, 2017
Forever alone
by: Anonymous

My husband of 30 years just left & is playing house with his first cousin. This is beyond anything I can understand. My husband gave me 2 PTDS that there is no cure for & I will have to have an exposure test performed, & be tested each year for HIV. I will forever be alone because of his actions.

Jul 07, 2015
young girls will give you heart attack
by: Anonymous

My husband left me and three kids age 9,6 & 1 at the time. That was three years ago, I felt hurt and betrayed and angry as he left me for the younger women. I wanted to make him feel all the pain that I was feeling, but then decided not to because of the children. Instead I decided not to fight him for anything, he took all the furniture even three laptops and left me and the kids with nothing, and told me not to expect any child support and he was not going to become my babysitter. After all the sadness I decided to go to church, I prayed for guidance, for my kids and the strength to raise the kids by myself. I learned to drive and got mu license in 9 months, bought a car, I enrolled in college for access to health course, and have just finished I am starting my nursing degree soon. What happened to my ex.
Took out some loans and credit cards to fund the young lady, couldn't afford payments, bailiffs knocking on his door, got depressed and had heart attack, hospital ask him for his next of kin, he had none, told him he can't have surgery without one, guess who it was, ex wife that's me, hospital rang me, was not answering calls as I was busy with assignments and exams, he came with a tail between his legs, and told me how his life went downhill since separation, hr came to borrow money to buy food and put gas on his car so he can go to work. I gave him, I don't believe in hurting people who are already feeling low, he has paid half of the money. He is seeing a therapist for his issues, don't waste your energy fighting you partners, focus your energy in positive things, don't hide behind new relationship, cracks will soon show, think positive good things will happen. Do things you wanted to do but couldn't, look after your childcare.

Jun 24, 2013
other side
by: Anonymous

this can also happen the other way my wife left me 2 years ago after 34 years of marriage, and went straight to her new boyfriends family, she is still with him and his children, She asked for a divorce last nov the decree nisi has been given and we are going through the finances before the absolute. She never said she was unhappy but we argued and also i would not talk to her for a few days, it looks like she prefers the other life now and has cut herself off from all our friends

Nov 24, 2011
Life goes on...
by: Tammy (Ga, USA)

My husband left me & a week later admitted to having an affair. He said he felt guilty about it & he couldn't look me in the eye anymore. So he left, then he put it all out on the table hoping that honesty would be the best policy & I would take him back. I have not & will not. He has told a friend of mine he knows he has made a mistake. And all the while he has been with her now he misses me, thinks of me & my good qualities. Well, He talked of her often to me before he left me, saying how much they had in common only they were just good friends. Then they became more & he don't remember when it got out of hand. I remember being left alone a lot & I remember the pain of his words talking about her before he left me. He shared himself with another woman so therefore I can't share myself with him. I want a divorce. He hurt me sexually 2 days before he walked out on me. He had never done that before. I don't understand that. And the night before our love making was beautiful. So, did he do that to me cause he felt guilty, I don't know. & he says he don't it. Yes, he regrets 15 years down the drain. He should of thought about that before he did what he did. My life goes on now with more happiness. :-)

Nov 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Maybe it was the best thing he ever did!

Oct 20, 2011
without feeling
by: Anonymous

I have said all along about my partner who left

he was like no-one i remember. Devoid of any

feelings or emotion.

Oct 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am sorry, but how can a man find happiness when it came at the price of destroying the lives of his wife and his children. If he can live without the guilt , then he is a very selfish man indeed!

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