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after 37 years of marriage he left

by lora
(Omaha NE, USA)

My daughter lived with us. Her friend needed help to quit drinking. I was against it from the beginning. But he is now wanting to marry the friend she is younger then my daughter. I forgot to mention my grandchildren still live with them. I filed for a divorce. The friend has a daughter that is living there and her son lives with her ex who is not even his father. Could my husband be going through a mid life crisis? Or do you think he is gone for good?

Noel's response

Your question confuses me a little. You say you filed for divorce, then wonder whether he is gone for good. It is generally accepted that when people are divorced, they are both 'gone for good'.

Whether he is going through a midlife transition is hard to tell. The whole situation sounds so chaotic that I suspect more than just your daughter's friend has an addiction problem of some kind.

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