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After reading all the problems people have, mine have solutions

by Pablo D.
(South America)

The question

It is true that as human beings we have crises at different stages of our lives. I am someone who understands crisis since I was born.

My Mother gave birth to me and raised me all by herself. The absence of a father is terrible, the love and tenderness children require, even when they are adults, only a parent can deliver.

My Mother and my Grandmother gave me all the love possible, inundating and surpassing my understanding of why they loved me so much.

As husband and parent of three sons (my youngest son is an Angel in heaven) and one grandson, my crisis has been emotional.

I sacrificed many professional opportunities, for the need to be near my two children and the fear of leaving them without care. Losing a child can be devastating. It also affected my finances and my family.

My Mother was called to be with God four years ago and left me a total orphan, when I was 47. I miss her daily.

With my wife we have our differences and many times have discussed divorce, but we are clear that we love our family, even with all the problems possible. We thank God for the health and life of our children, for been alive to care after all materials problems, to be happy and make our loved ones happier.

We are Catholics and attend Mass every Sunday, in order to understand the word of God and we must strive to act according to the faith we profess.

My objective and I would say, my family┬┤s objective is to thank God for all the little things, life, health and being able to tackle all challenges.

There is no time to waste. Start doing what you can to make your dreams a reality, stop complaining and take action to love and do your best for others.

When we do leave this world, at least we can tell God we are thankful for the opportunity to love and forgive, like he loves us and forgives our offenses.

Noel's response

Thanks for your message!

Yes, losing a parent at a young age can be devastating. My first wife died in a car accident when my oldest son was four and my daughter was 1 1/2 years. It has affected them a great deal.

I have two sons and my wife and a grandson.

, my problems are material, debts, lack of liquidity,

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