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Anger by husband at midlfe

My husband wants a divorce. Says the last decade has been lousy. Well I had cancer plus hip replacement

I completely lost my sex drive and when I went off tamoxifen after 5 years he said I was horrible to him

he is a type A controlling person. Lately he has been reprimanding me ... Telling me I do not try and he is the one doing it all to save marriage. Berates me to the point of tears. He self medicates with beer.....I am at wits end.

How should I respond?

Noel's response
See a marriage counselor, if he is willing to go. If not, have a few sessions with the therapist to help you decide whether you want to stay in this marriage. If he is a serious drinker (i.e. possibly and alcoholic), you will find help at an alanon meeting.

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