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Angry and depressed

by Jesse
(Camden,nj,USA )

One minute I'm fine and the next I'm not. When I'm upset, I really don't know why and when I try to figure it out I can't . I am 38yrs. Old male. Is this what's considered a midlife crisis?

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Jun 23, 2015
Angry and Depressed
by: Noel

They certainly sound like typical midlife crisis symptoms. I suggest you get a complete medical from your doctor to rule out any physical problems.

Assuming there are none (at least none that would create the symptoms you describe), you might want to see a psychologist/counselor.

You might also consider seeing a hormone therapy doctor, as some of the symptoms can be caused by low testosterone. Do not simply buy testosterone on the internet! Hormones are very powerful, and need to be balanced very finely. Chances are if you are low in testosterone, you may also be prescribed other hormones (e.g. DHEA) to create a proper balance, and the right balance can only be determined by special blood tests ordered by a qualified physician.

You know doubt have already looked at other aspects of your life (e.g. do you feel as though your work is rewarding and relevant? Have you determined a Life Mission? (You can find some help on the 'Your Life Mission' page on this website.)

Also, be kind to your family members and those close to you. It is not their fault you feel the way you do, so do not take it out on them.

And... know that this too shall pass.

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