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Are people who go through midlife crises workaholics?


My husband left last August and has been angry since. I have noticed his anger about 3 years ago and expressed some concerns but he grumpily said that he was fine. He wants to get a divorce. I was in pain and shock but it has been almost a year. I am feeling better now.

I have refused to talk to him because he always responded with anger. I email him to tell him that I refused to talk to him except about our 6 years old daughter whom he barely sees and about resuming our relationship otherwise, I could not talk to him about anything else.

He has become very cynical about life and people in general. He hates my family and has negative perception about them. My family happens to be a dysfunctional one. His mother is a demanding woman who is pushy and demanding.

I actually feel lighter without having an angry person around all the time.

My husband is climbing the corporate ladder and has always been a workaholic. My question is: Am I right in assuming that most people who go through a midlife crisis are quite successful and driven who may have had to sacrifice their personal life in order to achieve their high status in life?

Noel's response

I don't think midlife crises are related to work. Some men are workaholics, some are under-achievers.

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