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At the end of midlife crisis signs

The question

My ex-husband has been in a midlife-crisis for 5 years, and took up with another woman.

He never communicated or texted me in the 5 years. He kept in touch and sees the children who have families of their own, but always kept his mobile number.

I had an accident at work, leading to an operation. My sons and daughter informed him. When I have tried to text him before, I never got an answer back. All of a sudden he texts back now, but only when I text him.

I try to communicate with him now and again. He sounds more calmer in himself, but never talks about anything. I still feel he is in denial of me and not sure, as me of him.

I would like to know if the other woman is still there, as I have no signs, but when I ask, to make me feel better, I get the stranger again. I know I should not ask, but don't want the barrier for me to try and communicate to him, which I have wanted to make me feel better and nothing else.

He has never asked how I am. I don't think he knows how to after all that has happened. It would be good now to stay friends, but I have my doubts. If the other woman is there, not sure what he wants, is it a sign for me or just being polite. Please advise me to go further, or stay back.

Noel's response

It is possible he was willing to exchange text messages with you as he heard you we in an accident, and even if you are no longer in a relationship with him, he still cares about you.

If you would like to stay friends, then the best approach is to send the kind of text messages a friend would send, rather than try to pry into his personal life, such as asking if he is still with the other woman.

If there is the possibility of anything more than friendship, it will probably arise in due time, once the 'friendship' is clearly established. So as for your question, I would recommend that you simply remain on friendly terms, but don't try to push him back into an intimate relationship with you.

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