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BF dumped me over the phone for someone else around 4 year anniversary.

by Becca

I've known this man for over 20 years ago. We dated at 19, got pregnant, subsequently lost the child. Split up. Reconnected 5 years later, he cheated on his current GF with me. Lost touch. Reconnected 5 years later again, dated but he moved out of state and I met my ex-husband. I was married for 6 years and towards the end of the marriage, current ex-BF came back into the picture and we started dating again. I moved out of state to be with him, left my job, everything. We thought this was it, talked about marriage, kids, etc.

I got very sick for a couple of years, got pregnant again and lost it, had an operation in 5/2010 and was back to work in 6/2010. Had to relocate 70 miles away for work. Relationship was tenuous but working. We had our moments but I thought it was forever and the way he talked, it was forever. I've never had anyone tell me they've loved me for their entire life, since we met.

Two weeks ago I had car issues and couldn't make it down to see him. Mom came to visit me instead. Then I felt like crap for a few days and didn't contact him. Contacted him on a Thursday night to give some good news and make plans for the weekend. I was told, "I've met someone."

I've been in shock ever since. Never did I expect this from him.

The kicker - He will be 40 in March. I will be 40 in September. His new girlfriend that he's suddenly in a relationship (at least according to FB) was born in 1991. What the hell is going on? I've been dumped for someone 20 years younger than me??? Even some comments get got from friends was, "Is that even legal?"

So, he's peacocking it around and I've been here crying and being pissed.

We've started making bets on when he'll come back begging. Doesn't make it hurt any less though.

Thanks for listening. It's amazing how commiserating with complete strangers can be good for the self-esteem.

Noel's response

If you have read many of the similar posts on this blog, you will know that you are not alone! Your pain is still fresh and will diminish in time. I suggest you figure out what you want with your own life, and do your best to move on.

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