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bored with the bedroom

My husband has turned 42 and for the last two years he has been having these urges to experiment - wants to go to adult shows , watch porn and visit Amsterdam with me. (he's already been once and viewed the ladies on display) Now i don't know if its ok for women around the world to be ok with all of these things..

He accuses me of being too conventional ..but i regard this as a blow to my self - esteem. It makes me feel that not only does he want to tell me that i don't satisfy him but also that i need to be with him so that this whole exercise does not give him any guilt.

We have a great sex life.. our passion in the bedroom is never diluted.. but his behaviour during the day is mean and rude and down right insulting mostly on any small issue.

I have spoken to him about how going to these shows etc makes me feel but i can still see that he is not quite willing to accept and move on.. he resents me..

Why cant he accept the notion that "fun" can be had in so many other ways that aren't demeaning to me. Just coz a whole lot of other wives go along .. does it mean i'm wrong?

Noel's response

I don't think you are wrong. And I am not convinced that 'a whole lot of other wives go along'. And even if they did, it doesn't mean you should.

I think you may be right in that he wants you to come along so he doesn't have to feel guilty.

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