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Boss mid-life crisis

The Question

My boss is going through a mid life crisis which threatens the entire organization.

He is potentially going to sell the company which will adversly effect many people who work here.

Do you have recommendations on how to deal with a boss to help save the organization?

Noel's response

I don't have any suggestions about how to keep your boss from selling his company. You might give him the link to this website, in case he sees something here that makes him decide to wait a while before taking major action, such as selling. However it might be that selling his company is the best action for him to take at this stage of his life.

What action could you take to make sure you are doing the best thing for you life right now? Do you love you job, or is it just what you do to make a living? Is your job holding you back from doing what you DO love?

If you would like to be financially free, so you don't need to worry about losing a job, you might think about creating your own website. I won't go into details here, but you can get all the information you need here:

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