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Can midlife crisis resemble bipolar disorder?

by j.m.

The question

My ex-husband has been in midlife crisis mode for four years now. I swear he is bipolar. His moods are terrible and he does the most irrational things. He has "adopted" his girlfriends son but has no time for his own children.

Can a midlife crisis turn a decent man into a manic depressive??

Noel's response

I suppose with some men a midlife crisis can resemble bipolar disorder (what used to be called manic-depressive). Men can certainly have mood swing and act irrational in some circumstances.

Comments for Can midlife crisis resemble bipolar disorder?

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May 13, 2011
Is my husband bi-polar or having a mid-life crisis?
by: Anonymous

I have had the same thoughts about my husband . We separated last January after being together 16 years - we have a 8 year old son. We have had quite a number of turbulent years, his drinking, mood swings, controlling nature. I supported him emotionally through several ventures which have cost us our house and family savings.

His latest idea was to return to education to go onto to do a degree (four years of study(. He became self obsessed with the course, never had time for me or our son and spent most times helping the younger girls with their work. Money was tight but he still found time to go out partying ( without me). I decided to tell him to leave. Within a month, he was sleeping with a girl 12 years younger than him.

He has cut himself off from all of his previous friends and hardly every sees our son. Is this a mid-life crisis? I have always thought he has underlying issues such as bi-polar as surely no one can be so unreasonable? He left his life behind 16 years ago from his previous marriage which he told quite a number of lies about. If I knew what I know now, I shouldn't have touched him with a barge pole?

Also, why do I feel in so much pain that he is having fun with someone else? He plays rugby and she goes to all the evening events - I was never invited as it was always male only.

Mar 05, 2011
Midlife Crisis or Bipolar Disorder?????
by: Anonymous

Hi, the thought also crossed my mind that my husband might be suffering from bipolar disorder, from all the unusual things he does now that he has left me after 25 years of marriage. That is why I am so confused about his decision to leave me and my children.

One other thing I found very strange is that all of a sudden he is wanting to do the things that I suggested during the time we were married and he always said he wasn't interested. But now he is willing to do these things e.g. go on a overseas holiday etc. Why is this so?????

NOEL: It may be that now that he is 'single', it sounds more appealing to him. He may be looking for some kind of adventure, to help him feel more alive.

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