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Can this abuse be blamed on a mid life crisis?

yes my ex says he went through mid life crisis which is hard to believe him by cutting all my clothes, destroying part of our home, brought a prostitute to our house as we were all home, then we all moved to another house then he broke our tv, threw motor oil on our mattress but all this he says this was mid life crisis. You tell me is it?

Noel's response

His behaviour was cruel and abusive. There was more going on than a midlife crisis. He needs therapy.

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Oct 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

yes they love this prostitute bit-flamboyant aren't they.
Look live the second half of your life equally as flamboyantly- they aren't worth worrying about besides I am jetting off to New York in November post 9 months of this garbage my ex gave me after a Mid Life crisis.
I will Mid life crisis him-at the old age of 60 I might add. Doesn't know what he's missing now,
I will send you a post card or do you want me to meet you over there also.
Come on they are just a waste of space these men.

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