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Can you snap In and out of it?

by Adam McClain
(Murray, Utah, United States)

Can you flash in and out of a midlife crisis? Say you feel different one day and everyone is calling you crazy for months, and then you snap back for a few days as if you were back to your old life... and then you'd kind of snap back and forth between. Is that even possible? If so how could you try to just stop it all together and go back to your life.

Noel's response

I don't know about 'snapping in and out', but I think a person in a transition often vacillates between the old life and whatever else is coming (which is often unknown for a period of time). I don't think you can just stop it altogether and go back to your old life once you have started a major transition. However once you have gone through the transition, your life may look 'the same, but different'.

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