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Can your boyfriend have a mid life crisis at age 29 ?

by ALL

My husband to be has called off the wedding, and ended the 10 year relationship with me by saying he doesn't love me anymore.

He said i have got issues, which i think is a pathetic excuse.

He told me there is no one else, he is coming 30 this year. He did say he was scared on becoming 30 and was unhappy.

He is not the same person i have known, we have never argued, he has all of a sudden turned nasty towards me and has forgot about me and the past we had together.

Noel's response

Your boy friend may be in a transition, but not necessarily a midlife one. Daniel Levinson in his book "The Seasons of a Man's Life" says we go through transitions about every ten years, and if we do not do a good job of one transition, the next one may be very difficult. It sounds as though that might be the case with your boyfriend.

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