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Cheating husband

I've been married for fourteen years we have two

Kids one seven and one thirteen I thought everything
Was going good until two months ago when my
Husband started acting strange one week ago
Me and my oldest daughter find him on the woods
Cheating it has been traumatic for all of us
I was wondering if he might have been going threw
The change for the last couple of months I notice
A totally different person he is thirty four years old
He left me for a twenty nine year old please give me some Advice what to do.

Noel's response

I can only offer the same advice as I have given to the many other women in the same situation:
Carry on as best you can. It takes some months to for the pain to subside, but it will in time.
When you feel able, think about what you want in your life, and in a relationship, so you do not hook up with another immature man.
If your husband does want to come back, decide what conditions you want in your relationship, and let him know what those conditions are (for example that he be honest with you, learn to communicate clearly, etc.). If he is not willing to accept them, do not take him back.

It hurts now, but you really can make a better life for yourself with or without him.

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