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do men that are going through midlife regret cheating on their spouse?

my husband has been gone 4 yrs now he says he loves me i can see a change in him but i can also see he is still in the midlife june 13 i found out that he was with someone he has been calling me almost every weekend but i haven't seen him in almost 10 weeks. i do love my man and i want him to come home i know some people won't understand why i have waited so long but before he went into this midlife change he was the best man ever he stood by me when i went through my change though i never cheated on him.

we have been together 31.5 yrs when he left soon we will have 36yrs i know deep down he does love me but just can't seem to find his way home but i know he is coming one day i just have to do what my heart tells me yes he has said and done some mean things to me in this period of his life.

i know people change as they get older i just can't seem to let go because at one time we did have a special love.
so since we have found out about this do you think its not as exciting for him now that we know because i can see every phone call he makes and i have noticed he doesn't call these women as much as he did.

Noel's response

I don't know whether he finds it less exciting now. You seem content to keep waiting for him to come home, and maybe one day he will.

So here is a question for you: if he does not come home, have you put your life on hold? Should you be moving forward with your own dreams and goals whether he comes home or not?

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