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confused - he just talks about sex when we do talk

by Christina

me and my boyfriend were together for 5 years and then after an argument he told me he wanted to be single and we broke up. For months after that i was begging him to get back with me and he just ignored me telling me to leave him alone. I finally got the message and left him be however a couple months after that i made contact and now we talk, often he is the one to message me first but every conversation we have seems to be about sex. I get the impression he still cares for me and maybe even still loves me (its been a year since we've broken up now) however he's always telling me he misses my tits but in the same sentence is asking me why im still single and that i should sleep with other guys, however he will not open up his feelings when it comes to talking about us.

Noel's response

He sounds like the kind of guy you are better off without. If all he misses is your tits, there are other bodies out there for him to feel.

I suggest you forget about him and become the kind of person you want to be with, as that is the surest way of finding the man or your dreams.

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