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by Wayne
(Hay River NT, Canada)

The question

I am a 42 year old Man, and I have lost all my normal energy and interest in sex. All I want to do is sit around and watch tv. Normally I am a very active firefighter with non stop energy and enthusiasm. That has all changed and I have become very negative and moody.

Can you help????


Noel's response

Sounds like a classic case of a midlife transition.

  • See your doctor for a complete medical, to make sure there is nothing physically wrong.

  • Spend some time thinking about your life:
    - do you still want to be a fireman?
    - if not, what is calling you now? (You might find some help on the 'your life mission' page.)

  • Read Crossing the Soul's River by William O. Roberts Jr.

  • Be kind to yourself, and to those you love. Be more patient with them and yourself than you feel like being.

  • Know that this too shall pass

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