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by Angie
(Missouri )

2 months ago husband left me for his best friend sister. He is not himself, he does/acts like he never would before. Was all about family, friends get together. Now he doesn't care. A few days ago he text me saying he's lost. And then 2 mornings later. Haven't heard anything since. I feel like he's regretting his choice. We been together 10 years married 6. This other person is very controlling/demanding. He's never been 1 to be controlled. I still love and in love with him. I've been giving him his space. I don't contact him ,he contacts me. The ones that really love him are worried. We also have 2 children,he doesn't call them & only saw them 3x. Please help us.

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Jan 02, 2017

by: Noel

I am sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds to me as though you are doing the right thing by not being the one to contact him. You might also want to think about what you want in your life whether he comes back or not. Even if he does come back your relationship will not be the same as it want, as things have changed for both of you.

I suggest you read other women's questions that are similar to yours (there are many of them), and read the helpful comments from other women.
All the best,

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