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could i be going through midlife?

I'm a 49 year old man, my wife is 46 i don't know if I'm going through the change, but my wife acts like she don't love me anymore. sleeps in another room, its driving me crazy. I feel worthless and she don't care. I need your help.

Noel's response

You may well be going through a midlife transition, but you haven't given much information... is your wife in menopause (if she has had a hysterectomy, she could well be)? Have you changed? If so in what way? Are you depressed? Emotional? Do you have any of the other symptoms described on my home page?

What reason does your wife give for sleeping in another room?

Talk to her. Use 'I' statements. You will find a chapter about this in A Harley or My Wife, or you can look up "I statements" on the internet.

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