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Could my husband be going through midlife crisis

by Mireille
(NSW australia)


My husband is 36years old and the last 6mths he changed and became verbally abusive and last week he said its time to make money and live life.

I asked him has your 3 kids and wife stopped you from your goal.

he said no he didnt say that. but he is looking at divorcing me and moving away from us and will see the kids every fortnight at the moment he spends no time with the kids and does not want to reconcile his marriage. our problem started in July and he doesn't think its worth fixing. prior to July we had normal disagreement like other couple but nothing serious until July 2012

Could he be going through midlife crisis.

Noel's response

He could be going through a midlife transition, but I suspect it may be complicated by some deeper issues in your marriage, perhaps things he wouldn't talk about.

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