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crash and burn

by Ron

My name is ron and i have been married for 20 Years and i have two teenagers. I never believed in mid life crisis and I thought it was bs.And then my life has turned upside down, I have hit rock bottom and seem to pull myself out of it and then it comes crashing down on me.I get emotional and sad,I get i try and stay busy but the feeling is still there? My wife wants a divorce because her career is more important than her family and i can't keep trying to let her see we are to old to start a new life. But my crisis happened when i realize my life is half over. What to feel and everything seems like i am losing interest in the things i love the most. but anyway i could love to have some feedback.

Noel's response

It sounds as though you are definitely in a midlife transition, some of which sounds like a crisis. I recommend you read through this site, especially the men's stories, if you haven't already done so. I also recommend 'Crossing the Soul's River' by William O. Roberts Jr., and 'Transitions' by William Bridges.

And remember - this too shall pass. Use this time of having lost interest in things you used to be interested in to explore what new activities might be calling you.

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