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crying after sex


If a 46 year old man who wants oral sex and more and after he ejaculates, he cries what does that mean. i have never encountered this and I don't know if it was a bad thing or a good thing and I didn't want to ask so i just hugged him. This happened after the first time I went with him and he has been back since, but it wasn't mentioned. Any ideas?

Noel's Answer:
Mid-life can be a time when a man's emotions are very near the surface. Some men are embarrassed by this. I know one man who even cried when a television news story showed people being rescued!
I don't know this man's history, so am just guessing at what might cause the crying... maybe because he hasn't had sex for a while and has longed for it, or for a close relationship.
You mention oral sex. Maybe for a long time he has wanted someone to give him oral sex and he has had his longing fulfilled.
I don't think it is particularly strange. If he cried every time he had sex, it would indicate some unresolved issue that he should get therapy for.

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Mar 02, 2012
Maybe just a release of emotions.
by: Anonymous

This happened to me yesterday. After he came, he put his head on my back (it was a doggy day) and cried for a minute. I turned and hugged him. He said "it's not you. I've just been so stressed." Which, I know he has. I think sex allowed a major release of emotion for him. We cuddled for a while then did it again. :)

Oct 07, 2011
its a good thing
by: Anonymous

this happened to me a couple times not crying like a baby but just tears came running down...i thought to myself what the heck?! and asked him if he was alright...he couldn't respond quickly but after a min he said i am VERY GOOD...THAT was amazing! sooo according to his response it means that was GREAT SEX =)

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