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Dad and Girlfriend

I hate my dad. He is 46 years old and he is dating a 21 year old girl. hes been acting so different. he even hits me, and hes never done that before, and suddenly he has so much less money then before, and hes making up stupid excuses. im his daughter and i dont like this 21 year old chick. she just got to the fuckin legal age to drink, i cant take it, is this normal?

Noel's response

Your feelings about your dad and his young chick are absolutely normal. You feel betrayed by him, and you resent her for taking up with your dad.

I am assuming he and your mom are divorced, so your dad has a right to date whomever he wants, but you have no obligation to like it.

If possible, I suggest you see a counselor to help you deal with your pain. Maybe your mom or dad would be willing to pay for it, or perhaps you can even see your school counselor.

If your dad hits you again, call the police and make a complaint. He has no right to do that.

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