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Daughters fiancee's clothing attire.

Why would a man at age 46 dress like an 18 yr old??? EG: cut off baggy jeans with mickey mouse on them,high top running shoes,one red and the other blue,baggy t shirt pink tinted eyeglasses. Is this a man going thru mid life crises???? Its just so embarrassing. He seems to enjoy the attention but in fact he looks ridiculous. How would this future mother in law approach him regarding this issue without offending him????? HELP!!!!!!My daughter is 38, a good dresser and doesn't say too much about it.

Noel's response

He may be going through a midlife transition, or it may be that he likes to dress in a flamboyant manner. How a person dresses is really no one else's business. If it embarrasses you, it might be because you think it is a reflection on you somehow, which it isn't. It sounds as though your daughter is fine with it. They are both adults. I suggest you let your judgments about him go. It is not about you.

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Aug 20, 2013
You make no sense
by: Anonymous

I have no idea as to how old you are BUT if this was your Daughter engaged to this Guy,I think that you would think differently.
Come on now, a 46yr old guy trying to be cool and 18 AGAIN???? He is probably being laughed at most of the time. That is sad.
Why aren't you being honest in how MEN should be?

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