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dealing with a spouse who has depression

my husband has lost his father in may 13 2010 and has not dealt with the loss of his dad. started to notice changes when he was burdened with the finical stress and helping a friend out through her divorce. by the middle of October my husband told my 21 and 19 year that he did not love me and wanted to be out of the marriage that he needed his space.

By the end of October my husband did some work for a women and started a relationship with this person. by this time he did not want to talk to me or sleep with me anymore, he was making bad choice by leaving to Italy twice, verbal abuse and very angry behaviour. when he came back from Italy the second time in February, i threw him out in march because he was not going to change is he depressed or is this a midlife crisis?

Noel's response

It sounds as though he could be in a midlife transition, but I don't have enough details to really know. He could well be depressed and in a midlife crisis.

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